3 popular types of engagement ring settings 


Are you done picking out the perfect gemstone for your engagement ring? And are thinking that’s all the work you’ll have to do. Then you are absolutely wrong, because now it’s time for you to start thinking about the type of setting you would like on the ring. In case you are having any trouble picking out the right setting, then we are really excited to tell you that this article is all about the 3 most popular types of settings for an engagement ring.

  1. Halo setting

Such a type of setting usually has a large stone which might either be a diamond or any other type of gemstone of your choice. The large stone in the middle is surrounded by accent stones. A ring can either have one, two or more designed halo’s.

Why you’ll like the halo setting? 

  • Having a halo engagement ring setting, will make the ring look larger than it is.
  • If vintage is your style then a halo setting can give an antique look to your ring.
  • It’s customizable, and you can get halo in geometric or mixed metal patterns.

Why you might not like the halo setting?

  • If the halo is larger and elaborate, this can make the ring look like a Cocktail ring. Though halo rings have been inspired by Cocktail rings, there is a fine line between the two.
  • If you go for a center stone that has a legitimate color grade and on top of it, if you choose to have a colorful halo. This might completely change the appearance of your diamond.
  1. Tension setting

In a tension setting ring, you can see that the compression spring pressure of the bandis holding the stone in place. By looking at a ring with a tension setting, you feel an illusion of the stone floating in mid air. If you really want a ring with tension setting, then you have to compromise in the variety of stones because only diamonds, Sapphire as well as Rubies are able to sustain the amount of pressure it takes to keep them in place.

Reasons you’ll like Tension setting

  • If you prefer to have a lot of light pass through the gemstone. The tension setting is the best types of rings settings that allow a lot of light to go past the stone.

Reasons, you might not like Tension setting 

  • If you prefer to have tension setting on your ring, then you should know that it is very difficult to resize.
  • In case of any damage, there is a very limited possibility for finding repair options. Only the manufacturer of the Ring can fix it.
  • Gemstones other than Diamond, sapphire and Ruby cannot sustain the pressure of the band.
  1. Bar setting 

Series of two or more vertical bars made from metal sit between each stone, this is done to keep the stone in place. The bar setting can either be applied on some of the Rings or all of them depending on your choice and liking.


  • Surface of the Ring will remain smooth which is perfect for daily use.
  • Bar setting gives the Classic engagement ring a little bit of a contemporary look.


  • Some designs that have uneven edges can result in quite a bit of discomfort.
  • It leaves the bottom as well as the top parts of the stone exposed.

Conclusion: All of the above mentioned settings have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Everything depends on what you prefer and what you don’t. After considering the pros and cons of each setting, it’s up to you, what you will pick for your engagement ring.

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