5 Things to Consider While Buying Sunglasses for Style and Protection


When you deck up perfectly with the right attire paired with matching or contrasting accessories, it is just the addition of the sunglass that makes your look complete. Sunglasses, however, are not just for styling but also for protecting your eyes, especially when you are outside on a very sunny day, for a long time. At Dynacart, you can find a varied range of the top branded sunglasses, often available with lucrative discounts. So, before you grab quite a few of these, know about the things to consider while shopping shades so that you take a good buying decision.

  1. 100% UV Rays Protection

The primary purpose of a sunglass is to prevent the UV rays from harming your eyes in multiple ways. So, while buying one, do not settle for anything that offers less than 100% protection from the UV rays. Many people, in their urge to pick a stylish piece, end up ignoring the protection quotient of the item. However, this is a primary aspect that you must check before buying.

  1. Maximum Coverage

When it comes to sunglasses, the bigger it is the better. A sunglass with a good coverage for the face not only protects your eyes in the desired manner but also looks stylish. In fact, oversized glasses for especially, women have been in trend for a long time now. For the right style and coverage, you do not always need to go with expensive sunglass brands either.

  1. Contrasting Colors

One thing to remember while buying sunglasses is that color is only for styling and any particular color do not do anything extra in blocking more sunlight. Contrasting colored sunglasses are good for athletes and people who play sports such as basketball or golf. Otherwise, you can go for colors such as amber, green, grey, blue or anything that looks good on you.

  1. Polarized Lenses

If you are planning to engage in activities like driving or being in water, then go for polarized lenses. These lenses cut the glare that is coming off reflective surfaces like water or even the pavement. Polarized glasses look sassy as well but remember that they do not provide any extra protection from the sun rays as such.

  1. Impact-Resistance

No lenses are truly shatterproof. All the sunglasses must meet minimum FDA standards considering the impact resistance. On the other hand, polycarbonate lenses are used in many sports sunglasses, and they are more impact-resistant than regular plastic ones. If you decide to purchase polycarbonate lenses, look for those that are scratch-resistant. As a whole, buying from a good brand will ensure that you are getting a top-quality item.

So, now that you are aware of what exactly to look for while buying luxury sunglasses for men and women, visit Dynacart and enjoy shopping!

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