9 Tips for Maintaining a Maserati Watch


Maserati watches are the epitome of style and luxury. They enhance your personality and boost confidence every time you wear them. So, whether you have bought a Maserati watch yourself or received it as a gift, it is bound to become your most prized possession. It means that you’ll have to take extra care of it. Even though Maserati watches have mineral crystal glass that makes them scratch-resistant, it is still essential to maintain the watch. Here are some tips that can help you maintain your Maserati watch so that whenever you wear it, it looks like the first time you wore it.

  • Keep water resistance range in mind:- Maserati timepieces are water resistant so that you can do swimming, snorkelling, and other light water activities without worrying about your watch getting damaged. However, the watches are not completely waterproof. Their water resistance depth range is 100m. It means that you cannot go diving, or do other deep water activities while carrying your watch. So, if you want your Maserati watches to last a lifetime, you should avoid wearing them in the water for long hours.
  • Avoid bringing magnets close to the watch:- This might be the first time you hear this but magnets can also damage your Maserati watch. Exposure to magnetic rays can impact the movement of the hands of the watch. It will show you the incorrect time and you’ll have to get the watch demagnetized. So, avoid wearing or keeping your watch in a strong magnetic presence.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals on the watch:- Your watch is likely to get oil, dirt, or creams, especially if you wear it daily. So, it is essential to clean your watch once in a while. Some people use liquid soap, glass cleaning liquid or other chemicals for cleaning the watch. People also commonly use sanitizers to clean their watches. It can corrode the metal on the watch, and damage leather straps in the long term. Therefore, another tip to maintain your Maserati watch is to avoid using chemicals on it.
  • Clean with a soft cotton cloth:- One of the best ways to maintain your Maserati watch is to clean it occasionally to avoid any stains on the bracelet or leather straps. However, you have to be extremely careful while cleaning the watch. The choice of fabric used to clean the watch makes all the difference. Using a dirty or textured cloth can make the crystal look greasy and might cause a few scratches if the cloth is repeatedly rubbed on the watch. It is best to gently clean your Maserati watch with a soft and damp cotton cloth.
  • Keep the watch away from direct sunlight:- Another storage tip for your Maserati watch is that it should be stored inside a box in a cool and dark place. You can store it inside your wardrobe or drawers, away from direct sunlight because continuous exposure to UV rays can damage the metal, fade the colour of your watch, and might cause the watch battery to leak.
  • Use a clean and spacious Maserati watch storage box:- After a long day, you might be tempted to remove your Maserati watch and keep it on a table or in a bedside drawer. However, keeping the watch on wooden or metallic surfaces without any protection can cause wear and tear or form scratches on the back of the watch. There is also the risk of the watch falling on the floor which can break the crystal or create dents on the watch.

Therefore, you should store the Maserati watch safely in a spacious and clean box if you don’t wear it regularly. It keeps the watch safe from getting dirty or damaged. If you have a huge collection of Maserati watches India, you can buy a watch organizer box to keep all the watches safely in one place.

  • Wind the watch correctly:- Watches tend to slow down after some time and run behind time. It is important to wind your watch in 2-3 days so that it shows accurate time. Your Maserati watch can have a manual winding or automatic winding system depending on the model. An automatic watch does not require winding. However, if you have a manual watch, you should avoid winding it while wearing it on your wrist as it can cause unnecessary tension on the winding system.
  • Replace watch battery:- If you want your Maserati watch to work perfectly for years, you should get the watch battery replaced as soon as possible if it dies, otherwise, it might leak and can damage the watch. You can also consider removing the watch battery if you won’t be wearing it for several months.
  • Get the watch serviced by professionals:- Another crucial tip to maintain your Maserati watch is that you should get it serviced or repaired by professionals. If there is a crack in the crystal, battery or strap change requirement, or you want to get the watch cleaned, you should only give it to reliable stores. It is better to contact Maserati watch customer care to know details about repair and service.

The above-mentioned tips will help protect your Maserati watches from scratches or external damage and ensure that your prized possession lasts longer. Check out the exquisite collection of Maserati watches in India on Tata CliQ!

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