Annual multi-trip insurance- things you should watch out for


You might be the type of person who usually enjoys having the safety net of insurance as a backup for the losses. It might happen when you are traveling, or you might be a person who opts for travel insurance after having had a bad trip once. Now you might have realized the benefits that go insurance plan that is taken with care can offer.

Travel insurance for frequent travelers

 If you are a frequent traveler who hops between one destination to another at very short intervals consistently, it will do you a world of good to buy annual travel insurance for regular travelers. They would ensure that you are covered every time you travel without having to purchase single trip insurance every time. The premium you would be paying would also be less for an annual multi-trip insurance plan when you sum up the premium you pay for the single trip insurance every time you travel. Also, you can stay away from the hassle of documentation and processing involved in taking insurance for every trip you make.

Choosing annual travel insurance with care

Despite annual travel insurance being the best option for you as a frequent traveler, you must select the yearly travel insurance plan with care to ensure that the premium you pay is worth the coverage you get. Websites like, which will help you in a quick comparison of the policies offered by different insurance players in the market as well as the coverage and premiums you have got to pay. There is nothing better you can ask for to make a wise decision. You can use the information gathered and presented wisely to avoid having to purchase a single trip travel insurance to provide the essential coverage despite having purchased annual travel insurance already.

What should you look for?

When you buy annual multi-trip insurance

  • Consider if you go on pleasure trips or business trips. If you frequently travel for business reasons, you are likely to carry expensive gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, notebook, etc. coverage for these items in the annual multi-insurance trip is rare. In such a case, it is prudent to take add-on coverage.
  • Check if the insurance provider you choose is official and regulated by the government to offer multi-trip travel insurance. You can trust to list only such insurance providers.
  • There are chances that the multi-trip annual insurance does not cover the trips you make within the country. Therefore, choose a travel insurance service provider who provides coverage for both domestic and international travel that you make in a year.
  • The destination you travel to most often might not be included in the policy owing to the limitations of the insurance provider. Therefore, choose an insurance provider who offers coverage in destinations that you frequently travel.
  • The insurance companies might vary in the number of days for which they would offer coverage in a single trip. It could range from 21-60 days. Choose the insurance provider who provides coverage for maximum days at similar premiums.
  • Ensure that your annual travel insurance plan has a cancellation cover. It would be useful for making suitable the losses in case of a canceled trip for which refund of fare is not possible.

Be prudent while you choose so that you can avoid additional expenses on the insurance front by buying a single trip policy for extra coverage.

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