Benefits of Postcards Necessary for Real Estate


The mail postcard is one of the best and most effective prints publicizing apparatuses available today. A demonstrated and reasonable procedure for realtors, a just sold postcards can yield short- and long-term results. When designed well, a postcard will drive expanded email traffic, site enrollments, and call volumes – imminent clients hoping to interface with realtors about purchasing or posting their homes.

The Benefits of Sending Postcards

  1. Postcard mailings are a great promotion method for occupants in a target sales region.
  1. It’s feasible to send postcards to occupants on a whole mailing course without requiring names or addresses with EDDM® (Every Door Direct Mail®). This is ideal for sending land postcards to those in a local real estate professional’s desire to target.
  1. These cards will probably be kept by at least a portion of the beneficiaries who may be hoping to trade sooner rather than later. Unlike email promotion which can be not entirely obvious or erased, a postcard can be kept as an update.

Postcards used for real estate

Real estate direct mail postcards are a well-known decision among realtors. Realtor postcards’ is also a term utilized for real estate cards. This could also allude to a postcard addressing a solitary realtor instead of a real estate firm. Realtor cards incorporate pictures of properties addressed.

However, it could also incorporate a cordial and professional photo of the realtor. Realtor postcards can help beneficiaries intellectually “put a face to a name” and construct commonality and confidence in their objective market.

Sending real estate postcards is a viable showcasing strategy for creating leads and building brand awareness. While ordinarily just 5×7 inches in size, real estate cards can have a tremendous effect when sent for follow-up correspondence, impending listings, just-sold properties, open houses, etc.

The purposes of the real estate cards are as follows:

  • It notifies residents of recently listed properties to empower property interest and embody the type of homes the realtor has to offer.
  • Exhibit achievement via “Just Sold Postcards” for recently sold properties.
  • Advertise unsold homes’ availability and their owners’ presence in the market.
  • Welcome the local area to an open house.
  • Present another realtor to the local area.
  • Advertise cash purchasing schemes for properties
  • Empower those uncertain about moving to survey their choices.
  • Advertise bank-claimed properties with low estimating.
  • Urge inhabitants to capitalize on a free proposition, similar to a free property valuation.

Just sold postcards

The just sold postcards are probably the most brilliant property direct mailing cards that many realtors can use to advance them as professionals. Moreover, these cards position themselves as a central part nearby and convince property holders that they can entrust them with their precious estate.

These cards also indicate that there’s demand for properties in the area and reveal that people might be able to sell their homes for a higher value through a good real estate agent.

These cards are generally the same size as normal cards or, in some cases, a bit larger than normal postcards. They often have eye-catching pics of recently sold houses, attracting customers who might be interested in purchasing that kind of property. These pictures are attractive and very promising, as they trigger the customer’s curiosity, forcing them to wonder what more the realtor has to offer,


Despite having all these advanced digital marketing and advertising options, traditional methods like using these cards are still very trustworthy, reliable, and effective advertising for real estate.

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