Buying High-Quality Silver Jewellery In Thailand


Thailand has an excellent reputation for the high-quality jewellery produced there, with many skilled artisans creating exquisite jewellery by hand. Silver jewellery is a perfect option if you have a limited budget, as the price of gold has gone so high in the past year, it is often not affordable for many people. If you are thinking of heading to Thailand and purchasing some jewellery, below are some tips to help you get started.

Know Where To Shop

There are many different places where you can purchase high-quality jewellery in Bangkok, and the best area of the city to go to is Silom, where many reputable jewellers are. You can search online for reputable companies and arrange appointments with them before you arrive. Avoid taxi and tuk-tuk drivers who offer to take you to a jewellery shop they recommend, as this will often lead to a scam.

Getting The Best Price

One thing about shopping in Thailand is that you can haggle on the price when you are looking to purchase jewellery. When you find something that you want to buy, such as sterling silver bangle bracelets, wholesale prices are available if you are purchasing enough, so you will want to negotiate with the seller.

Shop Around

It can be hard to compare handmade jewellery from two different sources, but it will pay dividends if you shop around and compare prices. You will want to speak to two or three reputable jewellers with quality handcrafted jewellery for sale and negotiate the best possible price from each of them. The more jewellery you are looking to buy, the more likely the jeweller will be willing to negotiate on the price, so you may consider purchasing a few different items.

Purchasing Safely

You will want to ensure that any silver or gold jewellery you will purchase has the correct hallmark to verify what it is and that the local Assay Office has assessed it. If your chosen jewellery also includes precious gemstones, you will want to have a certificate for each of the

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