Causes for Sensitive Teeth – Know What Are They for Good Oral Health


Sensitive teeth is a common problem that causes sharp pain in teeth when doing activities including eating, drinking cool or hot drinks, and brushing. If you want to reduce your problem, then you must consult a dental care expert immediately.

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The following are few main causes for getting sensitive teeth that help you in protecting your teeth from sensitivity.

Eating acidic food

Acidic foods like lemon, kiwi, pickles, tomato sauce, and grapes may cause pain. If you avoid these foods you can get rid of tooth discomfort easily.

Using teeth-whitening toothpaste

Most of the toothpaste manufacturers make use of teeth-whitening chemicals. Few of them will be more sensitive than others. Try to avoid such toothpastes and switch to one that doesn’t contain any whitening agents.

Using hard tooth brush       

Few times sensitive teeth may come from using toothbrush that has hard-bristle or brushing with force. With this, the protective layer of the teeth gets damaged and exposes canals or hollow tubes. When the nerves are exposed to sticky or acidic food or high temperature, you will experience sensitivity or discomfort. So, use a softer-bristled toothbrush and be gentle when you brush your teeth.

In addition to these, other causes tooth decay, cracked tooth, undergoing some dental procedure, and so on. You can use toothpaste made especially for sensitive tooth, but it doesn’t work for all. Thanks to the medical advancement because sensitive teeth is treatable with the help of few procedures.

Treatment for sensitive teeth

Desensitizing toothpaste – It helps to block pain connected with the sensitive teeth. You can find different type of counter products. You can even take advice from your dentist to know which product is the best one for you.

Fluoride – It helps to strengthen your tooth enamel, so your dental expert will apply it on the sensitive areas to reduce your pain. You can even use it at your home with your dentist suggestion.

Root canal – In case, you are experiencing severe pain, then root canal is one of the best treatment procedures.  

To maintain your oral health, choose the best dentist and schedule your appointment today. Discuss your problem with your dentist and know which treatment method is suitable for you.

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