Check out these great tips for buying the best headphone


Headphones besides being a way to listen to music, they’ve matured into a wearable devices, a way to elevate your smartphone experience. It can be challenging to decode all the specifications and even harder to know the importance of some software features over others, especially once you want to purchase a new headphone. They are not only an accessory, they’re practically an extension of yourselves. If you’ve spent many years listening to the cheap pair you purchase at a convenience store, it might be great to consider an upgrade. You can check Addicted to Audio online, they have the best stereo systems, speakers, amplifiers, soundbars, accessories, headphones, and many more.

There are a lot of choices available to choose, from small in-ear models to over-the-ears cans that aid in immersing you in the sound system. Headphones cover a broad range of audio peripherals and take on various sizes and shapes with different connection types. When choosing the best headphones, the most personal choice includes comfort, pure audio quality, budget, and many more.

Check these useful tips when looking for the best headphone

Check sound quality

  • Like speakers, headphones highlight various parts of the audio spectrum, and you might want one sound over another. Test headphones if you can before buying, if you purchase online, you have to check the return policies to ensure the headphone can be exchanged or returned for another model.


  • If you prefer to hear loud music, this is what you should consider in your headphone’s specifications. Sensitivity states how loud your headphone can get.


  • The driver is the thing in the headphone that produces the sound. It’s normally made of a voice coil, a magnet, and a diaphragm. It’s not a thumb rule, yet mostly, the bigger the driver, the better the sound.


  • The power needed for a headphone to work is known as impedance. Most mobile devices have ample capacity to offer the needed power to the headphones, yet those requiring under impedance can use whole power to provide great sound. Those requiring higher power may not offer their 100% without a committed source of power.

Frequency Response

  • Frequency response is the span of frequency a headphone can provide. Where the lower limit is the bass sound and the higher limit is the treble. If you want more bass, then choose something that can support broader than the common frequency response range.

 Comfort and Design

  • You have to test and check if the headphone is comfortable for your ears. Human ears mostly are non-identical and not every device matches you. For in-ears, test to go for a smaller earbud size, this can fit in and doesn’t easily slip off.

These are some of the factors and tips you need to consider when buying a new pair of headphones.

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