Choosing A Superb Way To Brighten Up Your Home & Let More Light In


Are you planning a home refurbishment project? Have you recently brought a property and are designing the architectural refit? If so, please read on while I introduce an excellent home improvement that can transform any family home and increase the property’s value at the same time. This medium is a modern, easily installed, flexible system of glazed floor to ceiling panels called aluminium bifolding doors. Normally positioned at the rear of a home, bifolding doors increase the amount of healthy natural light in the home and create an amazing indoor/outdoor space perfect for active family life and entertaining friends.

What Are Bifolding Doors?

Bifolds are manufactured in ultra-strong architectural aluminium and a wide range of colours and finishes; bifolding doors consist of any number of glazed full length framed panels that, when opened, slide on a track and fold together like a concertina. The folded panels are then secured against the far wall leaving an open plan kitchen garden area; when in the closed position, one of the panels functions as a normal opening and closing door, usually referred to as the travel door. This elegant system uses thermally efficient toughened double or triple glazing and modern multi-point locking technology to create a contemporary minimalist feel.

Why Choose Aluminium Bifolding Doors?

By partnering with a superb installation specialist like Origin bifold doors, you can ensure that your bifolding doors are an excellent addition to your home. The slim profile frames give great unrestricted views to the rear of the property, and the installation can be complemented by luxurious finishing touches or internal privacy blinds. By choosing aluminium as a manufacturing material, you utilise a recyclable material that maintains its shape and alignment over the product’s lifespan. Aluminium bifolds are finished with a choice of powder-coated colours, which removes the need for maintenance with other manufacturing materials like timber or Upvc.

The Benefits of Bifolding Doors

When installing aluminium bifolding doors in your home, you are opening up a range of welcome benefits to you, your home, and your family. Whether they replace existing patio doors, or you’ve knocked out a whole exterior wall, they’ll provide these advantages all year round –

  • Increased security – it is often mistakenly thought that installing bifolds means a drop in security; that’s not the case; the multi-point locking system and modern locks mean security is actually increased.
  • Lowering of energy bills – aluminium isn’t a great insulator, but polyamide breaks in the frames and the modern glazing technology create a thermally efficient system which keeps the home cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • The increase of natural light – is critically important for healthy living; by installing bifolds, the light floods the home, creating a space all the family will want to spend time in.

As already mentioned, choosing bifolding doors is an excellent way to change the way your family live in their home; they allow a swift transition to multi-purpose open space all year round, bringing the outside in and vice versa. The elegant, clean design of aluminium bifolding doors also enhances your property’s overall aesthetic quality, meaning you’re proud to show off your newly transformed home to friends and neighbours.

Look into installing aluminium bifolding doors in your home today!

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