Four simple ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency 


Many of us are wondering how to make our homes more energy efficient as we move into the colder months. Not only to keep warm but also to keep energy bills down – an important consideration given energy bills could hit almost £1,900 this winter.

So, what are the most basic steps you can take?

In this article, we’ll share four simple ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Repair old radiators

How old are your radiators? If they’ve been around for more than 15 years, then it’s time to replace them. This is especially the case if they haven’t received much maintenance since they were first installed. For new or younger radiators, ensure that they’re operating as efficiently as possible. You can use air eliminators to remove built-up air and ensure your radiators are working as intended.

Insulate your roof

This is one of the best ways to slash your heating bills, as your home loses a huge portion of its heat through the roof. You could even do this job yourself, as long as your loft is safe and easy to access. The method for insulating your loft is quite simple. You just need to go up with some mineral wool rolls and add layers between and over the joists. But if you’re not a confident DIY-er, it might be best to hire a professional who’ll get the job right.

Insulate your windows

Your windows are the typically the next biggest heat drain in your house after your roof. It’s estimated they account for a whopping 10%, so you definitely want to give them some attention. Consider investing in double- or triple-glazed windows and check for any gaps of cavities in the frames. For a finishing touch, try hanging some thick curtains over most of your windows to insulate them as well as possible.

Draft proof your doors

Whether they lead between rooms or outside, a significant amount of heat flows underneath and around your doors. Invest in some draught excluders to stop up the gaps underneath your doors and some draught-proofing strips to block the spaces at the sides. For the extra holes in your front door, you can use a letterbox flap and a keyhole cover to make it as airtight as it can be.

Which of these energy efficiency improvement methods could most help you cut your bills? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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