Getting Your Gemstones Tested In Thailand: What To Expect


When you invest a lot of money in buying gemstones, you will want to ensure that they are of high quality and do not overpay for them. One of the best ways to do this is by having them tested at a reputable laboratory, and as Bangkok is a primary trading centre for gems, there are a few choices available. Below is what you can expect to see in your gemstone certificate that you will receive once they have been tested and finding a suitable place to have them tested.

Finding The Best Place To Test Your Gems

Many places offer the testing of gemstones in Bangkok, and their services are all similar. You will find that the prices are also similar, and you can pay anywhere from 1000+ Baht per gem, up to around 6000 Baht per gem, depending on what type of gemstones you are testing. You will want to choose a reputable gemological laboratory in Thailand to do this so that you can rest assured their certificate will be recognised. The testing does not take long, and you can often get your gems back relatively quickly. Once you get them back, you will then be able to look at the reports, and below is what you can expect to see in them.

What To Expect In Your Gem Certificate?

The certificate you receive from the laboratory will give you a lot of information about the gems and their quality, which you can use to value them. Some of the information you will get back is as follows:

  • The Type Of Gem – The certificate will state what type of gem has been tested, whether it is a diamond, ruby, sapphire etc.
  • Whether It Has Been Enhanced – The certificate will also tell you whether the gem is in a natural state or enhanced and often includes how they improved it.
  • The Cut Of The Gem – It will also list the type of cut the gem has, round cut, princess cut, cushion cut etc.
  • The Dimension – The report will also include the dimensions of the gem and there is often a visual image also, and a picture.
  • The Weight Of The Gem – The carat weight of the gem is also included in these reports.
  • The Clarity – They will also include the clarity of the gem, which can affect its value.

When you are investing in gemstones, whether for an investment or to make into jewellery, it is worth the time and effort to have a gemstone certificate made for each of them. If you are going to insure them it will also help you to get an accurate valuation for your insurance company.

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