How Women Can Use Face Masks as Fashion Accessory?


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After spending a great time period in quarantine, the public places are getting back to life. Still, precautionary measures are important to follow. Sanitizer, gloves and face masks are some of the indispensible items that you can find in bag of every woman. In fact, women have made the face masks as new fashion accessory. They have started wearing cute masks having fabulous designs matching with their outfit. If you are still using the dull black color face masks, it is time to invest some money on silk and satin face masks. Avail Vogacloset promo code to choose no string mask, sequin face mask, oversized visor, animal longline mask, tie-dye mask, filter camo print face mask, the flame mask, leopard face mask, fashion clear window mask and printed fashion face masks on sale.

Tips for Using Face Masks

  • Follow the Color Theme

These days, monochrome dresses are considered as stylish. When you are wearing monochrome attire, try to balance the face mask with single shade. It will not only give a well-groomed appearance but show you a bit taller than you actually are.

  • Select Matching Accessories

It is a rule to match the face mask to other relevant accessories like handbag, scrunchie, shoes or headband to give a cohesive touch. Your efforts will be appreciated if the headband and your mask have same fabric.

  • Delicate Matching

Some women do not like to carry each and everything matching. It is allowed to be submissive. Even you can choose same stuff and pattern for your top and face mask. These days, some brands are offering tops and blazer with same stuff face masks to keep you away from the tension of matching face mask with the outfit. Do not forget to receive VogaCloset promo code for getting floral, sequin, tie-dye or plain face masks in new styles.

Even you can wear the bright shade face masks with various prints as well. It is good to pair the mask with top and bottom pieces. If you are wearing a stripped top, match it with tie dye to balance the dressing without overwhelming the theme. If you have leopard print face mask, try it with solid prints for sophisticated look.

  • Fabric Selection

Though fashion is something valuable for women, but you cannot give up the safety measures just to look adorable. Keep in mind; all fabrics are not good for masks. Even the use of various materials depends on the nature of event. A silk mask gives a fancy look. While going to your office, date or baby shower, select the dressier pieces that are made up of matte cotton or silk.

Still face masks are not the part of wardrobe but it will not take time when you find women having a small section in wardrobe for carrying a variety of face masks. Get Voga Closet promo code to keep yourself and others around you to safe from infections. Whether you are wearing jeans, maxi, trousers, jumpsuit, skirt or tank top, there are casual and fancy wear face masks to suit with your dressing.

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