Important Things You Must Know to Maintain Your Oral Health


Usually, people ignore their oral hygiene until it gets too late. A child of age 6-7 years to an old age man can suffer from the dental problem. A dentist is an expert who takes care of your smile by fixing the different problems related to your oral cavity.

Dentists are trained to diagnose and prevent the root cause of the oral health problem. Ignoring the cavity issues can be extremely painful, so it is important to take the appropriate action on time.

Roles and responsibilities of a Dentist: 

  • Diagnose and treat oral health problem
  • Perform oral treatments that are root canal, extraction, and fixing prosthetic
  • Council and educate patients for maintaining health hygiene
  • Scaling teeth to remove the layer of germs that is generally yellowish and causes cavities
  • Use the dental instruments properly to avoid any accidents
  • Recommend appropriate diet during oral treatments
  • Operate x-rays and diagnostic equipment safely and effectively to examine teeth and gums
  • Ensure about proper cleanliness of work area and maintain hygiene during the procedure
  • Maintain patients health charts and their routine checkups
  • Recommend appropriate specialist as per the condition of the patients

Important signs when you must see a Dentist: 

  • Blood on your toothpaste or while cleaning your mouth
  • Too much receding gum
  • Any loose teeth
  • Sensitivity while chewing food or drinking
  • Bumps and sores

Ways to maintain oral health

  • Brush your teeth twice in a day
  • Brush your teeth with a brush of soft bristles; tight bristles can damage gum
  • Floss ones in a day to remove all the hidden particle in between your teeth and on the gum line
  • Use appropriate mouth wash ones in a day on the recommendation of the dentist
  • If you wear dentures, then clean them ones in a day.

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