Modern Ways To Navigate The Outdoors During Cold Weather


Every Canadian will be well-versed in staying warm during the winter period, having a variety of techniques and accessories on hand to maintain their comfort and body temperature even during the lowest temperatures.

Technology and design, however, have moved rather quickly over the past few years, displacing a number of old habits and the need for cumbersome accessories, introducing a number of new, efficient, and simple ways to keep warm. Here are some of our favourites.

Touchscreen Gloves

There was a period of time when touchscreen devices, from phones to watches, were well-established and yet they could not be interacted with by those wearing gloves, making winter in the north particularly frustrating. Now, however, touchscreen gloves are ubiquitous and brilliant, making it so that screens can be tapped and swiped without the need to experience the cold.

Smart Jacket

Often it is the case that the insulated jackets we wear on cold days aren’t always appropriate for every situation. Occasionally, physical activity makes us too warm while taking a moment to be still can make us too cold. Smart, thermal jackets make temperature changes an experience of the past.

Not only can certain designs adapt to the temperatures around you, ensuring your body remains at a steady warmth, but some can even be adjusted by mobile applications too!

Insulated Flask

Bringing an insulated flask out into nature is a great way to ensure that you have access to a hot beverage on a cold day. Not only have designs become more stylish and lightweight, but insulating technology has helped flasks keep their heat for much longer, even in extremely cold environments.

Bluetooth Hat

Part of the challenge has often been to combine two seemingly exclusive activities during winter. Listening to music through headphones, for example, can be challenging when wearing a thick and insulated hat. However, there are now options for hats with headphones both built-in or designed to be more accommodating to earbuds, making it more comfortable to listen to music on a cold day.

Clothing Dryer

Once you’ve gotten home, especially on a snowy day, you will likely have not only cold items of clothing but also wet ones too. Thankfully, compact and efficient dryers are now available, drying accessories in only a few minutes. They can also be used to warm them up before heading out into the cold too.

Heated Seats

There are a great number of vehicles that don’t offer options for heated seats and those standing by their old car are likely to dread the winter as a result. Now, there are options for portable heated seats, those that can be taken to various vehicles and used to ensure a warm and comfortable journey. Additionally, there are also options for sports games too, making that hockey game even more enjoyable.

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Now, there are hand-warming devices that can be fit snugly into a pocket or bag and used when necessary, later being recharged for multiple uses. These portable devices are replacing the traditional and environmentally unfriendly single-use options, while also being more effective and aesthetically pleasing too!

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