Power-Driven Hand Tool: Which One Do You Need?


Power tools are technically portable power tools or power-driven hand tools; these distinguish them from stationary power tools like the drill press. These power tools are driven by different power sources, namely:

  1. Driven by electricity (power tools)
  2. Driven by compressed air (hammers and air impact wrenches)
  3. Gasoline-engine-driven tools (chainsaws and gas-powered drills)

Range of power tools

There are a range of power tools online, such as:

  • Electric drill
  • Electric circular saw
  • Electric screwdrivers

But, many power tools are contemporary creations, these are built around the universal electric motor. Most modern power tools are:

  • Polishers
  • Sanders
  • Shears
  • Nibblers

Benefits of using electric power tools

There are several benefits of using these electric power tools. Let them carry out more specialized tasks and perform with a range of materials. The power tools offer steadfast consistency and deliver highly accurate outcomes. These power tools perform the same functions as hand tools with considerably less effort and more efficiency.

There are different benefits when using power tools. So, you can tackle almost any do-it-yourself project with ease. Anyone who may be doing a DIY project tells you about some tasks that require too much energy and time to complete manually. It is where power tools proved essential to complete a challenging project.

Regardless of the intended purposes, there are main three benefits of electric power tools:

  1. Speed and efficiency. Power tools perform tasks that are impossible for the hand tools to finish. Electric power tools, for example, make it possible to work with rigid materials, such as concrete or metals. Some of the power tools are in specialized design that tends to serve highly specific work or functions with certain materials. Many power tools have various adjustable settings that help better control more involved tasks.
  2. Better performance. Electric power tools ultimately not just produce better outcomes than hand tools, but also complete similar tasks in less time. Consider a power drill, it completes the task in just a few minutes which may take hours with nails and a manual hammer. The power tools have several features, which include reducing human error. It provides efficiency and consistency to speed up the projects. For instance, some drills may come with features that help keep stripping of screws. It saves the time necessary to replace them. The tools help perform work faster and give you focus on significant tasks and make more progress.
  3. Precision and accuracy. You need an exact and powerful tool to get straight cuts:
    1. In the length of wood at the right angle
    2. drilling a hole in a slab of concrete

There are several different types of power tools. Some of them have specific designs to meet particular needs. When picking a power tool, you must see to it that you buy one that meets your needs.

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