Selecting A Trendy Engagement Ring: Don’t Miss These Ideas!


Let’s face it – Men (most of them, at least) don’t know much about engagement rings, diamonds, or anything that’s remotely related to jewelry. For many men, selecting a ring for their beloved is often about finding the most expensive one that fits their budget. Proposing your love has to be special, and if you are not sure what design she may like, you should at least aim for a trendy design. In this post, we are sharing a few ideas on how you can buy a great engagement ring in Singapore.

Yellow gold is back

Rose gold, white gold, and platinum may seem like new-age and trendy choices for engagement rings, especially the ones set in diamond, but in recent years, the popularity of yellow gold has only increased. Diamond jewelry and engagement rings are made in 18k gold, and if you look at this as an investment, yellow gold is always in universal demand.

Stack rings are in vogue

If money is not something you are worried about, you can go for stacked engagement ring sets, which have two or three rings that are matched and designed in a style. Such sets usually have one simple solitaire ring with many studded and simple bands. So, if your lady love wants to flaunt her ring, she can do that at her wish, while on simple, regular days, she can choose to wear just one band.

Double bands

Many brides also prefer the new-age style of having double-band engagement rings, and these don’t have to be super expensive. The style of the split design works perfectly for adding extra frame to the stone, and you can actually work around the design by customizing the look of the bands. Both yellow gold and platinum work well for such engagement rings.

Not your perfect-round

Gone are times when round diamonds were considered to be the only ideal choice for engagement rings. This is the age of new cuts, unique shapes, and even colored, imperfect diamonds. Many jewelry stores have engagement rings that are anything but a conventional solitaire design, and there’s a lot to experiment with. If you want to go a step further, go for more unusual gemstones, such as sapphire and emerald.

Check online now to find more on engagement rings, and before you buy, make sure that the store is a known one and offers a certificate for your purchase.

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