Stop Google Ads Click Fraud With Clixtell Click Fraud Protection Software


Click fraud is an illegal act that can devastate your PPC campaign. It can exhaust your budget and offer counterfeit marketing data.

Google has a robust ad fraud detection network that is continuously learning and improving to stop click fraud attacks before they reach your ads. As a result, you can keep your Google Ads campaigns running smoothly and efficiently by blocking click fraud.

Real-time detection

Google Ads Click Fraud is a significant issue for many advertisers. It costs billions of dollars annually, and one out of four PPC clicks is considered fraudulent.

Fortunately, Google has put a lot of work into ensuring that click fraud does not occur. They use automated systems and human reviews to monitor suspicious activities closely.

In addition, they offer refunds to advertisers who have been harmed by click fraud. This gives them a positive reputation among advertisers and helps them make money from legitimate traffic.

The best way to spot click fraud is to look at user behavior. For example, if you notice that users from your Google Ads campaigns are not spending much time on your site, this could be a sign of click fraud.

Another indicator of click fraud is if your bounce rate is abnormally high for specific keywords, ads, or ZIP codes. This could be because bots click on your ads instead of browsing your website.

Easy to set up

Stop Google Ads Click Fraud with Clixtell’s Click Fraud Protection Software. This easy-to-set-up solution monitors every click on your website and your paid ads. It will detect and blacklist fraudulent activity, protecting your business from wasteful clicks and budgets.

This click fraud protection software is a must-have for any online business that wants to protect its Google Ads campaigns from unauthorized traffic. It automatically blacklists flagged sources of invalid traffic, including bots, click farms, and rigged PPC campaigns.

Clixtell’s innovative fraud detection solutions allow companies to monitor their advertising campaigns on Google and Bing 24/7. In addition, automated rules can be set to block malicious devices and IP ranges.


Clixtell is a cloud-based click fraud protection software that helps businesses, online advertisers, and digital marketers stop Google Ads Click Fraud. This software provides a host of Analytics, Tracking, and Protection features that safeguard online advertising campaigns from malicious click activities and boost ROI.

In this digital marketing era, businesses need robust tools to protect their budgets and investments against fraudulent activities. These tools include call tracking, pay-per-click fraud detection, and website analytics.

Clixtell is a renowned and reliable software-as-a-service company that provides advanced solutions for businesses, online advertisers, and digital marketing agencies. It offers click fraud protection and detection, call tracking and analytics, and web video recording.


Stop Google Ads Click Fraud with Clixtell’s click fraud protection software. This software is a reliable option to protect your PPC campaigns and stop wasteful clicks from competitors and bots.

It is designed to identify and remove all ad traffic from invalid IPs that drain your PPC budget. It also helps to identify and prevent fake clicks on your ads, resulting in a better return on your investment.

The software is reliable and easy to use. In addition, it offers unlimited security rules that can be set to limit or exclude specific IPs from clicking on your ads.

It also provides refund claim reports that can help you get a full refund from Google and Bing ads for the fraudulent activity that took place. It also has advanced click fraud machine learning to detect click farms, hackers, and bots.

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