The Different Types Of Materials You Can Use For Your Front Door


When you are looking to replace the external doors of your home, there are various options that you have available. You can choose from a variety of materials for your doors, and each one has different properties. You will want to do plenty of research before selecting which materials are best for your home to ensure you make the correct choice. Below are some of the different materials you can choose to help you get started and transform the exterior of your home.

Aluminium Doors

If you are looking for something strong and durable and looks modern, aluminium doors may be a suitable option for you. They are not prone to wear and tear, so they can last for a long time, and they are also low-maintenance and will not require painting. You can clean them easily using water and a soft sponge, which will help to make them look like new again. When you are looking for an aluminium front door, Oxfordshire has plenty of companies offering this material, so you should be able to find a reputable company to install them easily.

uPVC Doors

A common choice for many people is uPVC doors, which are also hard wearing and are available in various colours. However, uPVC doors are also the weakest option, and they do suffer from wear and tear due to the elements. The colour of uPVC will fade over time, and you may need to have them professionally painted to bring back their colour, which is cheaper than replacing them. There is a wide selection of uPVC doors available, which is one of the reasons they are a popular choice, but they are not the most thermally efficient doors you can choose.

Wooden Doors

With wooden doors, you have two options available, solid wood doors and engineered wooden doors. Both options offer reasonably good thermal protection, but wood can warp and become twisted as moisture enters it, so if they are not correctly maintained, you may need to replace them. They will require painting every couple of years to ensure they are sealed against moisture, and they are the option that will require the most maintenance. They can also be expensive, and for the cost of a high-end wooden door, you can choose an aluminium option instead.

Composite Doors

Another option you have available is composite doors, but they tend to be an off-the-shelf option, which means there are limited designs and colours available. They can be a strong option if you get a quality door, but they are not as strong as wood or aluminium doors. They can also warp and expand if moisture gets in, but they are relatively low maintenance. If you choose higher-end doors, they can have excellent thermal qualities, but they are not as good if you choose a cheaper option. They are not the most expensive doors and not the cheapest, so they are a middle of the road option when looking to replace the external doors of your home.

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