The Right Step took against Abiola Oke 


Injustice against women is a factor that should be addressed with urgency, and here lies the implication of protesting against the misdeeds and unjust acts of Abiola. He was the most popular personality of OkayPlayer, and people were all voices against him when things were not tuning out to be right for Abiola. He was a tyrant in his company, and no one knew that before. He was the notable CEO and publisher of OkayAfrica, and he contributed much in making the work ambiance toxic and unbearable. Things were so suffocating that people, especially the women, started protesting against him, and this brought an end to his office and made him resign from his position.

Statement against Abiola 

He is Abiola Oke, and he is the most known figure in both the musical companies of OkayPlayer and OkayAfrica, reigning in the musical fraternity. A statement was made on Instagram following the proceedings of the company, and it stated that Abiola was setting up a really bad example by not showing empathy to the females within the organization. Allegations were brought against him for his inappropriate behavior until a joint petition was filed against him and made him step down this time. Abiola lost his position, and at the same time, his reputation was badly affected.

Action against the CEO

Action against Abiola was taken immediately, and he was asked to resign on urgent notice. The board of directors were all up against him, and they were not ready to accept things under any circumstance. Still, to eliminate all doubts, a third-party committee was organized to look into the matter closely. They will investigate internal issues and see to what extent Abiola is involved in the issue making things acceptable in the global scenario.

Taking the Right Step 

The third-party committee is taking the allegation seriously, which makes things surface with the right seriousness. People have stood by the brave woman trying to boost her courage. She was encouraged and praised by all people, and it was an example for the others who were still finding it hard to talk against the wrong deeds of Abiola. Oke has always been a superior figure who presided over some of the most important events with the best of seriousness. In a caption, it is mentioned that more announcements are coming up on the way, and the action against Abiola was pending for these years.

Impressive Work Culture 

All people working within the company aim to set up a most impressive work ambiance and cause a benevolent work culture for the employees who are always trying to give their best. The third party appointed for the purpose will go through the company norms and policies and try to create an inclusive work ambiance. Abiola Oke had been the most aspiring personality, and when the chain was in his hand, he misused things and created a black hole for himself.

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