The Services That a Stairlift Engineer Can Provide After Your Purchase.


It is fantastic news that you have installed a stairlift in your property and now your life can get back to normal, moving freely up and down the stairs of your property. Up until the installation of your stair lift, you are restricted to the bottom floor of your property and it made life most difficult for you and for your family members as well.

Your stairlift should give you many trouble-free years but things happen and even new stair lifts can go wrong at times. This is why it always makes sense to have the phone number of your local stairlift engineer at hand so that they can provide you with the following services.

  • Cleaning & lubricating – Your stairlift will gather dust over time and because the whole system is installed on your staircase, nobody expects you to be able to carry out this cleaning by yourself. It’s likely that you will have to call in your local stairlift engineer at least once a year to do the necessary cleaning and to lubricate moving parts as well.
  • General warranty repairs – If you have purchased a brand-new stairlift then it will come with some kind of warranty and so you may want to call on your stairlift engineer in Market Harborough from time to time for the duration. It could be simple things like the harness coming loose that holds you securely in the chair or maybe the button for going up and down is a little loose.

As we get older, certain numbers becomes a lot more thought and can lives and your local stairlift engineer’s phone number is one that you should have on your speed dial.

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