Tips on How to Handle Your Rhinoplasty Recovery


If you are thinking about rhinoplasty and you have concerns about recovery, this article will help you to learn more. A rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job is a procedure which modifies the shape of the nose. It is an extremely popular cosmetic procedure that can enhance your look and improve the function of your nose. These steps will help you deal with the healing process.

Follow the Doctors Orders

The most important thing you can do after a rhinoplasty is to follow the doctor’s instructions. When you visit a nose surgery clinic (known as คลินิกศัลยกรรมจมูก in Thai) before having a procedure, you will be met by your surgeon and a consultation will take place. During this meeting, listen to the doctor and take in all the information they provide you with about the recovery phase. Don’t go by what you read online, nothing compares to what your surgeon will tell you, so listen carefully to ensure a speedy recovery.

Listen to Yourself

You can follow the doctor’s orders down to the last line, but they will not be with you every day after the surgery. They will see you at regular occasions after the procedure to assess your nose and see how the surgery has gone. During this time, they will recommend anything that may help recovery, but it is also important to listen to your body. If something feels amiss, contact the surgeon, and explain your issue.

Sleeping Positions

There are certain sleeping positions there are off the list after rhinoplasty surgery – face down is definitely one of them. The best way to sleep during recovery is to lie on your back. This position is hard to get used to as many of us cannot sleep this way. Sleeping on your side isn’t just uncomfortable it can also prolong recovery because your head is no longer elevated.

Healthy Diet & Rest

You should also aim to eat a healthy, balanced meal during the recovery phase and always give your body plenty of rest to allow it to recover from the surgery.

It takes time for the bones in your nose to heal property, so avoid any vigorous exercise that may damage the area. You must be patient with the healing process, it takes time to ensure you get the best results. Listen to your doctor and contact them if you need any advice. Although rhinoplasty isn’t painful, it takes time for your nose to heal.

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