Trending: 5 Tips For Men To Hop Into This New Sweatshirts Trend


The days of reserving sweatshirts for the gym are over. They’ve recently made their way to the trend train. If you’re heading out with the boys, you can try a sweatshirt for men. Wear it with a pair of your favourite shoes and slim-fit jeans. The combination of a sweatshirt and a shirt may seem excessive initially, but it may be the winter outfit of choice for many men. Look no further if you’re still stumped about how to style a sweatshirt for daily use. Here are several ways to rock the sweatshirts for men trend.

Dressing a Sweatshirt for Men

Sweatshirts are a great option to try out while crafting your style. If you’re looking for the perfect balance between casual and professional while still being comfortable, consider these suggestions for dressing up your favourite sweatshirt.

Top Layering

  • If you want to keep things simple, choose a sweatshirt for men with a crew neck. This look is perfect for a stroll around town or business. For a more relaxed look, don basic designs and badges.
  • Put on a button-down shirt beneath your sweatshirt for more style. Let the collar of your shirt peek out from under the sweatshirt, and either wrap the shirt’s cuff over the cuff of your sweatshirt or just let it hang out from under the sweatshirt. This classic casual style allows you to be as daring or understated as you like in your clothing and accessory selections.
  • Wear a tee beneath and a jacket over top of your sweatshirt. Let the t-shirt show through the sweatshirt to add additional hues and contrasts. Trying on several blazers can help you discover your style. When attending occasions that call for a jacket, this outfit makes a bold statement by allowing for a creative, laid-back look that looks polished and professional.

Adding Bottom Layers

  • You don’t need to go much further than your most worn pair of jeans to complement your go-to sweatshirt. Sweatshirts and classic jeans go together like they were created for each other.
  • Wear your sweatshirt with khaki shorts on chilly summer evenings. Wear shorts that are, at most, 1-3 inches above the knee.

Styling an Oversized Sweatshirt for Men

Nothing beats putting on an oversized sweatshirt when you want to relax or do a few errands in your pyjamas. This carefree street style is perfect regardless of the season or the weather.

Here are some trendiest ways for guys to wear an oversized sweatshirt for men.

Combining With Bottoms

  • Wear a loose sweatshirt with slim-fitting pants. Whether you’re heading to class or enjoying Casual Friday, this will give your outfit a cool, edgy flair that will have others wondering where you got it from.
  • Put on some joggers and your oversized sweater for a fashionable look. Practical but fashionable. Those who want to appear their best while still functional should choose this style.
  • A classic pairing is oversized sweaters and jeans. The timeless style is perfect for productive lounging. For the best look, wear ripped jeans.
  • Put on sweatpants and your oversized sweatshirt for a lazy, lounging day. Just chill down and take on the day with a laid-back demeanour.

To Top It Off

  • Pair a jacket with an oversized sweatshirt for a polished street style. For a splash of colour, let the waistband protrude below the jacket. This style will make for a standout look when paired with a trendy haircut and new shoes.
  • Dressing in sandals will give you that classic surfer vibe. Sandals, whether flip-flops or slip-on, go well with baggy sweatshirts. It’s the ideal attire for your next campfire or beachfront stroll.
  • Choose classy high tops to go with your attire for a streetwear appearance. As you rush through the day, this will make you feel like a B-Boy.


Over time, there have been modifications to how sweatshirts are worn. Sweatshirts for men come in various styles and materials, allowing you to express your individuality in ways you never thought possible.

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