What Is The Use Of A Tea Set Other Than Drinking Tea?


Everyone acknowledges the fact that tea cups and saucers come together in a set. Teacups are essentially for drinking tea (as it goes by the name) and these come with a handle (usually a small one) that might be held with one or two fingers and the thumb.

 Saucers always come along with teacups to complete the combination. However, sometimes a small teaspoon, sandwich plate, or cake plate might also be included in the set. This whole above-mentioned trio might be a part of a tea set that comes in combination along with a cream jug, sugar bowl, slop bowl, or a teapot.

What should a teacup and a saucer ideally serve?

A teacup is often shorter in height and wider if compared to a coffee cup. And teacups for the consumption of morning tea are usually larger than the cups used for consuming afternoon tea.

 A good quality teacup is typically made of translucent white porcelain. These might also be decorated with different patterns that might be attached or refer to various extensive tableware.

Many teacup enthusiasts collect one-of-a-kind or unique tea cups along with matching dishes or saucers. Teacups are not just for consuming tea, but, it also serves as home décor. Teacups with unique Asian patterns are highly popular among people to be considered an ideal item for gifting.

Decorative pieces of teacups are also known as cabinet cups as they can be showcased in cabinets for home decorating purposes and they can be also kept as souvenirs of a person, event, or location. Teacup collectors can also collect silver teaspoons that might come with a well-decorated insert made of enamel in the handle.

The importance of tea cups in different cultures

In European and Asian culture, tea cups are generally small in size and are made of porcelain are considered a delicacy to enjoy their tea time, be it the morning or the evening time. Their teacups usually consist of a handle and come in a pair with saucers in a set. The tea cups and saucers might feature decoration of hand-painted motifs or patterns of silver and gold, especially covering the lining of the handle and the rim.

Teacups are a symbol of class and prized possession for many people. Fine quality porcelain with hand paintings can be very expensive thus, people prefer to showcase them as their prized possession in the cabinets. Asian people take this prized possession out on the table spread on an important occasion or if someone very important is visiting their place. Different shapes and sizes of teacups and saucers make them fashionable but the traditional cups will always remain classic.

An ideal saucer material must protect the surfaces from the possible damage of hot teacups, splashes, and overflows. It also provides a safe and convenient place to hold a wet teaspoon. Saucers too come with motifs and patterns, especially on their rims and center part.


Whether flaunting these porcelain beauties or drinking and serving tea, tea cups and saucers will always be common tableware in every household. Worrying about the perfect gift on a special occasion? Give a tea set without a doubt.

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