What to Expect When Getting a Massage during Pregnancy


Being pregnant brings with it a slew of discomforts. If your hips, back, or swollen feet are in discomfort after a hard day on your feet, or if your back aches from supporting your expanding bump, a massage seems like pure pleasure. Your lover may have even noticed how much you’re hurting and offered to give you a massage in exchange for your help. However, like with other things during pregnancy, you may worry whether having one is safe. Remember the following.

Is it okay to receive a massage while you’re expecting?

Before you have a massage from a partner or a professional, make sure to tell your doctor that you’re considering it. Massage, on the other hand, is generally regarded as safe after the first trimester of pregnancy. Avoid massages before that since they might make you feel dizzy or queasy, and you don’t want to make your morning sickness worse by accident. Although there is some debate about whether or not giving a massage to a pregnant woman during the first trimester increases the risk of miscarriage, the scientific data is mixed. Remember to let your강남안마 therapist know if anything hurts while they’re massaging you and how much pressure feels pleasant.

Avoid rubbing these areas when you’re pregnant.

First and foremost: A miscarriage or premature labor might be triggered by massaging certain acupressure spots. These spots may be massaged to help induce labor, and although doing so may shorten the time it takes and lessen the discomfort, you should avoid doing so until after the baby is born. For your comfort and the safety of your unborn child, your pregnant body should be supported and positioned differently from a non-pregnant person’s. When receiving a massage, it is best to be on your side rather than your back or stomach. You may also sit up straight or in a semi-reclining posture while receiving the massage. Whence does this come from? To begin with, it’s awkward to sleep on your stomach. Lying on your back for 20 weeks after childbirth might put a strain on blood arteries, such as your lungs’ aortic and inferior vena caval, which can reduce blood flow. Your blood pressure will drop as a result, which will reduce blood supply to your uterus. Check the best 강남안마.

It’s also a good idea to use caution around specific areas of your body:

Your stomach.

In order to protect both you and your unborn child, you should avoid having your expanding belly or the region surrounding it rubbed. Although it’s not recommended, you may apply a little layer of stretch mark lotion to your abdomen.

Your legs, for example.

Gently rubbing or stroking your legs is OK, but watch out for too much deep tissue pressure from your spouse. Pregnancy causes your blood volume to expand, which slows your leg blood flow and puts you at risk for blood clots. A clot may be dislodged with the help of a deep tissue massage on the legs.


Points of pressure

The pressure points on your wrist, ankle, or between your fingers are supposed to induce contractions in reflexology, as we alluded to above. You should stay away from these regions until your doctor says it’s OK to go there after your due date. You can get more information about https://smileanma.com.

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