What You Should Know Before You Apply For PR In Singapore


Applying for PR in Singapore can be a tiring and frustrating task due to the high rejection rates that foreigners face. In fact, the majority of all applicants each year are rejected. Why is this so? A number of reasons can be looked to when explaining this occurrence:

  • The overall stringent approach taken by Singapore’s government to immigration
  • The complications of the actual application process
  • The lack of knowledge that applicants have when applying for PR

To help you understand these factors, we have written a comprehensive yet concise article on this topic.

The Government’s Stringent Approach To Granting PR

Citizenship and PR has always been a matter close to the hearts of Singaporeans. On one hand, the government has repeatedly explained the importance of importing foreign talent in order to maintain the economy’s excellent growth rates. However, this has been tampered by citizens’ concerns over an excessively competitive job market and a dilution of local culture.

Due to two factors having had a large influence on Singapore’s PR policies, they form two main central pillars of the traits required to be a PR. This can be summarized as an individual needing to be both a productive member of the workforce and an assimilated member of Singapore’s society.

The Complications of the Application Process

The PR application process is heavy on paperwork, requiring you to submit information and documents in the specified manner without errors. It is common to hear of applicants having filled their details incorrectly or submitting the wrong documents. In particular, if your home country’s language for administration is not English, then you will be required to submit both the original document and a fully translated copy.

Furthermore, many applicants actually fail to finish submitting their online application due to time constraints. If they are unsure about any section, excess time may be wasted trying to figure out the section and thus putting them into a panic thereafter.

A Lack of Knowledge

Many applicants are simply unaware of the main traits or characteristics that the Singapore government looks for when assessing applications. When you apply PR Singapore, you should be aware of the following factors.

Educational Background

Your past certificates and formal educational background is an important factor. It acts as a proxy as to your upbringing, character and intelligence. Having graduated from a prestigious university and course will surely improve your chances of success.

Employment History

Your previous employment history, achievements and skills are an equally important factor. Based on your progress, the authority will be able to determine if you are likely to be productive member of the workforce and an adaptive individual.

Willingness & Ability to Contribute to Society

Thirdly, your current and previous voluntary efforts within Singapore will also be taken into account. This helps the authorities to assess if you are actively trying to contribute to Singapore and assimilating into the local community.

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