When Deciding On a Dog, There Are So Many Breeds To Choose From


If you check the kinds of pets that Australians have in their home, you will find out that dogs feature right at the top of popular choices. As is said, dogs are a man’s best friend and most people find this to be very accurate. A dog is a great pet for kids to grow up with, especially if they are gotten as puppies and the bond between a kid and its dog, cannot be broken. The dog will be with your kid always and it will keep an eye on them and hopefully, keep them out of trouble.

Choosing the right dog for your kid to grow up with can get a little confusing as there are so many breeds to choose from and they are all equally cute. Some dogs, however, are more suited to certain conditions and generally, the bigger the dog, the more room that it needs. If it is your intention to have a house dog, then the smaller choices are better. No matter what one you decide upon, be sure to get pet insurance immediately when you get one. Anything can happen and you want to be able to cover all eventualities.

This article will try to help you choose between breeds and we will look at some of the more popular choices of animals in Australia. Knowing your dog breeds is important, if you are to choose wisely.

  • If you have a big garden and lots of space, then an Alsatian or a Labrador is a great choice. These are very loyal pets and very kid friendly. What’s more, they are easy to train and are great company as they always want to play or go for a walk. Be prepared for walking every day to the park and these breeds will walk and walk if you let them. They will definitely keep you occupied and also keep you fit. They eat quite a bit, so be prepared for that.
  • If it is a house dog that you want and something to keep you company, then a Yorkshire Terrier is a fantastic choice. These lovable little dogs are cute as a button and are full of life. They are small, so pretty easy to take care of and they don’t eat a lot. However, be prepared to not be able to go anywhere without them as they are very clingy and will follow you everywhere. They make great guard dogs and they bark at all strangers and family members alike.
  • If you don’t want a pedigree, then you could always choose a mixed breed of dog. These animals tend to be stronger, health wise and you get the best of both worlds with them. They are quite unique and no mixed pedigree looks the same. They are great with people and good fun to be around.

Whatever you decide upon, you can’t go wrong with choosing a dog for a pet. Yes, you need to take care of them, unlike a cat, but they will be by your side through thick and thin and they will always be there for you.

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