Which Is the Best Type of Wood for Wooden Sofa Sets?


Speaking of stylish furniture, wood is the primary material used in its manufacturing that comes to our minds. Furniture speaks about your taste in decor, your style statement, your love for art, and your personality. With the growing trend of interior design, furniture is no longer made only from wood. It features bits and pieces of fabric, metal, or glass. However, irrespective of other materials coming into the picture, wood remains a significant part.

When it comes to picking a wooden furniture piece like a wooden sofa set, there’s always a question about which wood type to select. Although there is no compulsion in using a specific kind of wood for a particular furniture piece, it is better to use a suitable one to ensure durability.

To clear off your confusion, let’s see the different types of wood that can be used to construct a wooden sofa set. Wood is split into two major types: hardwood and softwood. The main difference between the two is that hardwood is obtained from deciduous tree whereas softwood from coniferous trees.

Hardwood has denser wood fibers and comes with close grains; therefore, the chance of it rotting or decaying is less. This quality makes it a low maintenance wood. It has excellent fire resistance and low sap content that makes it ideal for many furniture pieces. Plus, it looks best as it features natural colors, styles, and patterns. Some of the types of hardwood that can be used for making sofa sets include:


It is known for its beautiful reddish-brown color and durability. It features sanding sealer finishing and is free of voids and pockets; hence, a popular choice for making sofas.


The classy black finish isn’t what just steals our heart, but it is also the stability, shock resistance, strength, and weight of this wood.

Red Oak:

Oakwood is known for its strength, resistance to fungus, and durability. It features a blonde to orange color that makes it suitable for any traditional style furniture.


Ideal for making sofas, cabinets, and other interior furniture, this wood features light brown or mocha color. It is strong, hard, stable, and durable.


The light creamy color of this wood would make any modern furniture like a sofa set look beautiful. It is sturdy and flexible. Plus, finishing can be done on this wood easily.


The pinkish color of this wood is apt for transitional decor. It is best for sofa legs and backs. It is hard and heavy.


This wood features a light pink color making it suitable for modern decor. It is resistant to cracks and is sturdy and durable.


It is ideal for creating furniture with curvy designs. It has good strength and durability.


A prevalent form of wood, teak, is known for its resistance to rotting, sunlight, rain, frost, and snow. Therefore, it is ideal for making outdoor sofa sets.


This wood features the prettiest color of all. It is durable and strong.

Now that we have seen hardwood types let’s move towards softwood. Softwood is non-porous, which makes absorbing adhesive quickly, giving a better finish. It is lightweight and comes with high sap content. However, softwood is not suitable for furniture; there are a few exceptions. These are:


The color of pine changes over time from white to light brown with red or yellow tones. It has a rustic charm that makes it ideal for traditional or transitional furniture that you find in a farmhouse. It is easy to paint. It is resistant to shrinking or swelling and maintains its shape for years.

Other types of wood:

There are manufactured woods that comprise of different natural wood. Engineered woods like MDF or plywood are produced by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals, combining it in wax and resin, and forming panels from it.


It is a cheaper option for making sofa furniture. It has internal bond strength and good thickness. It can be painted easily.


It has high strength and dimensional stability. Moreover, it is resistant to water and chemicals, making it apt for the sofa. You can make well-upholstered sofas using plywood.

Final Take Away!

Now that we have listed some of the best wood types, the choice is yours to make. Depending on the style of your decor, you can pick a wood type that would complement the interiors and blend in with the decor pretty well. So, go ahead and choose a great one to get the best out of it.

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