While shaving save a significant amount


Safety razor may look primitive to tech-savvy guys, but it is the crux to comfortable shaving, and its ease of use is amazing. Cartridge razor may look moving but can cause irritation and allergy to sensitive skin, and its cost is on the higher side. A straight razor is another option, which looks sleek and cool, but you need the dexterity to handle it and is quite intimidating to use. But as Buddha said middle path is the golden one, the safety razor rest on that path. A safety razor is always the best option when it comes to shaving as it reduces skin irritation, shave bumps and ingrown hairs that are frequent with electric or cartridge razors.

Effortlessly glide

Long handle safety razor has one blade, so the single one touches the skin at any point of shaving. It certainly reduces your facial hair to grow slower than a five-blade cartridge, but the advantage is you get smooth, unblemished skin without irritation and ingrown hairs. Safety razors effortlessly slide through the corners of your jaw, neck unlike cartridge one, they do not tangle with the moustache. If you trim with a five-blade cartridge razor and rove over on the facial area two times, the skin of that region is exposed to ten passes of blades. But while shaving with a safety razor, the skin is exposed tone blade per trim.


The more you get accustomed to a safety razor, the more you hone your shaving skill. If there are small lesions, you will adjust your shaving technique for future optimal trimming; you will always experience better results persistently. With optimal shaving, you will enjoy a cost-saving with a safety razor. A standard safety razor costs around $20 to25. The expense of the annual supply of blades is around $15 to 30. The annual expenditure on shaving would be approximately $45 in the first year; in subsequent years, you need to purchase the blades only. On the contrary, cartridge razor costs around $2.5 to $3.5 (if you buy it on mass), which amounts to $120 to$140 per year. While shaving with a safety razor, you will save a significant amount.

Three types of safety razors

There are three types of safety razors; all are easy to load and use. A vintage Gillette is a classic example of a three-piece razor. You need to detach the razor handle and remove the top part and safety bar to load the blade. In a two-piece safety razor, you need to undo the bottom to free the top part to insert the blade. After loading the blade, place the safety bar and attach the handle for a smooth shave. In one piece, razor twirls the handle to open the flap, insert the blade, twist the handle in the reverse direction to close the flap.

The process

To open the facial pores and to loosen whiskers:

  1. Soak a towel in hot water and hold it on your face for few minutes.
  2. Soak the shaving brush in hot water use a generous amount of shaving cream to generate ample leather; this will exfoliate the skin.
  3. Hold the safety razor in optimal angle and pressure that suits your skin to get the best result.

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