Why buy a best quiet juicer?


The special thing about a best quiet juicer that it grinds fruits and vegetables – as opposed to a traditional juice machine which is equipped with knives and throws out the juice, whereby the juice is added more oxygen.

With a quiet juicer, the juice is added as little oxygen as possible. This provides optimum juice quality, as much of the nutrients and enzymes are kept intact. You just add fruit and vegetables and the juice is squeezed out.

The freshly squeezed juice has a long shelf life with Witt by Kuvings. Since the juice is added as little oxygen as possible, it can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days in a light and airtight container. This means that you can make a lot of juice at a time, thus saving time.

Extra-Large Filling Tube

The large 7.5 cm diameter filling tube allows you to squeeze a large amount of fruits and vegetables without first cutting them into smaller pieces. This minimizes the oxidation that occurs when the inner lining of the fruit is exposed to oxygen, and it is also more practical.

Easy To Clean

The included cleaning brush makes it easy to clean your Witt by Kuvings.

Smart Lock

Witt by Kuvings is equipped with a Smart Lock, which makes it possible to make a well-mixed juice and at the same time prevents the juice from dripping from the spout down to the table.

Why Make Quit Juice Yourself?

Drink Yourself Well

There are strong antioxidants in the dyes of fruits and vegetables. These contain lots of good qualities for your health. The antioxidants strengthen your immune system and can help prevent cancer and reduce the signs of aging. The vitamins, minerals and living enzymes in fruits and vegetables have similar preventive properties.

When you squeeze the juice out of fruit and vegetables, all the fiber and some of the protein is removed from the plants. Thus, your body does not need to work to extract the nutrients, but the juice can be absorbed directly into the blood stream. This means that your body can absorb up to four times as much nutrients if you drink your vegetables instead of eating them.

The best way to absorb all the important nutrients and the natural good taste is with a glass of natural juice made with a slow juice from Witt.

With a Witt slow juicer (th.) You get a smooth, homogeneous and delicious juice that does not layer. In addition, you get full replacement of all the important vitamins and nutrients as the juice is gently squeezed out of the fruits and vegetables. During this process, the cell membranes of the fruits and vegetables are opened to release the juice. The gentle treatment preserves enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

35% More Juice With Witt ByKuvings

With Witt by Kuvings you get a much healthier juice and you can squeeze out as much as 35% more juice than using a traditional juice centrifuge.

Traditional juice centrifuges use knives that rotate at 8-12,000 rpm. This process destroys a large amount of enzymes and nutrients in the juice. It is even worse with mixers, where the heat from the friction further reduces the nutrient content depending on the ingredients.

At the same time, strong oxidation occurs when air is whipped into the juice in the meantime, which significantly reduces the juice’s vitamin content and durability.

All freshly squeezed juices should be drunk immediately for the best possible experience, but juices made with traditional juice presses change taste after seven to eight hours. The slow juice process eliminates foam development and oxidation, which means that the juice is kept as close to its original state as possible and can stay for 2-3 days in the refrigerator in a light and airtight container.

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