Why Should You Clean And Vacuum Your Mattress?


Remember that amazing feeling of collapsing into your bed after an extremely busy social life while fighting a burning sun outside? The creaseless neat and white sheets never grossed you out. You think you can sleep soundly. But then a question pops up in your mind as you finally relax: When was the last time you gave your mattress a clean?

Sounds problematic but think again. When was the last time you actually got it cleaned?

What Lives In Your Mattress Besides You?

Due to not feeling any ‘need’ to bother with it all these years you might not have realised what happens inside the mattress. But a recent research study has claimed that a 7 year old mattress can develop 4 types of bacteria and these are quite the dangerous and infectious bacteria.

That said, spending almost 8 hours everyday in bed at night might seem not very comforting given who’s really living in the mattress as you are. A reason why mattress care is really necessary and is highly recommended to opt for a professional mattress cleaning service in Dubai.

Bed bugs: They are found in the nooks and corners of your beds and can live without eating for a year or so. They usually feed on blood and are quite hard to catch sight of.

Rotten food, smells, spoilt milk spills, and other leftovers that you forgot to throw in the trash can after snacking in bed can attract a jungle of ants and various other insects who promote bacteria development.

Your mattress actually drinks 26 gallons of your sweat  and other bodily fluids each year while you sleep which boosts a damp space for fungal, mould and mildew growth. That’s not all. You forgetting to take off your makeup can also be absorbed by your mattress which eventually can provide hazardous chemicals to further develop.

What Can You Do?

Washing your sheets regularly maybe helpful, but unless a more effective alternative is selected, you will still be rolling in dead skin, rotten food particles, sweaty oils, the protein stains produced from sweat, and dirt from your feet that have settled deep inside your mattress – going to the extreme of getting in contact with potentially harmful allergens, eczema and respiration problems.

Get a professional to steam clean your mattress from time to time – every 2 months or so. You can be sure that their techniques are technologically innovative and the cleaning products going into the process are exclusively hygienic, biodegradable, natural and eco-friendly while combating every stain, deeply embedded dander, bed bugs and dirt stalking your mattress.






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